Thursday, August 30, 2012

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A Trick To Brother Toner Cartridges

Brother Toner Cartridges
Brother Toner Cartridges
Do you know that when toner cartridges signal the user of low toner level, or toner is empty, still it actually contain remaining toners inside? Although it must still be noted that the amount of toner particles left inside the print cartridge may vary from every manufacturer. Here's a secret that every printer user should know, let's say you're using a Brother printer, the reason why it prompts an early toner out signal is that, the sensor on some Brother toner cartridges doesn't monitor the consumption of toner, instead it checks the number of printing sequences that the printer made. So it's really surprising to get a low toner level prompt from your printer when you know that you're only consuming less than 5% coverage. You'll be bewildered why this low level notice keeps on prompting to your screen, whereas you've been expecting more from your laser toner cartridges.

There's a ten percent remaining toner that is commonly allowed in the manufacturing of some Brother toner cartridges, therefore, when your printer started to prompt the warning of run out toners, you can assume that there's still enough of toner left inside the cartridge which you can use for more pages to print. This data is not general to every manufacturer, still it may vary from one OEM manufacturer to another manufacturer.

For printer users, what can we possibly do whenever the printer started to prompt Toner's Out? You can have the very common option of throwing those cartridges away, and purchase replacement OEM cartridges, which will cost another bucks. Or you can replace the cartridge sensor located at the bottom of it, to reset the toner level and continue what you're doing. But for most Brother toner cartridges, a single option wouldn't work, why? Brother cartridges especially for laser type printers, has a paired of sensor to monitor the status of the toner cartridge. One is the optical sensor that monitors the level of the remaining toner inside the print cartridge, which stops the printer at the time it reaches the low level signal. Another one is the flat gear, which counts the printing sequences of the printer, and put it to halt when it reaches the maximum number of sequence.

A clever trick can be done to fool the sensor from your laser toner cartridges. Notice that when the toner level runs low, the sensor from your Brother printer traverses, and the light beam connects to the other side of the sensor completing the circuit, and put the printer into halt. All you need to do, is block the openings on both side with a tape (black tape) thus fooling the sensor from indicating the level of the toner.

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