Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Key Elements About HP’s PageWide Technology

Hewlett-Packard or simply HP has been one of the leading giants in printing technology since the day their business emerged in the industry. Back in 1998 they astounded everyone in the field of printer technology with such great development. They were able to develop a disposable print head that comes built-in into the cartridges, particularly their supplies.The value of this breakthrough is phenomenal, and truly it deserves credits. 

Key Elements About HP’s PageWide Technology
Unlike before, printer consumables have their print heads permanently installed into the cartridge itself. Thus, they tend to clog since the said component can’t be replaced resulting to output quality inconsistency. That is the just one of the few complications that the print industry had to deal with until HP developed the solution long ago.

Surprisingly, though not that much, HP once again took the position as the forefront in the development of a new breakthrough of print head design. Now widely known as PageWide technology, this totally amazing improvement first appeared in HP’s previous released of their company’s newest range of Officejet Pro X-series inkjet printers. The series includes – X451DN, X551DW, X476DN and X576DW. These four models use HP 970XL (black ink) and HP 971XL color ink cartridges as replacements.

According to the manufacturer, these are the key elements that you should know about PageWide technology:

  • A pagewide printhead has 10 HP Thermal inkjet chips called dies. Each die has 1,056 nozzles for each four colors. Thus, a single die has a total of 4,224 nozzles and 42,420 nozzles on the printhead.

  • Their newest formulated HP pigment inks particularly the black is expected to produce high-black optical density in just a single pass. While in general, inks in each cartridge can resist cross-contamination during storage, installation and printing process.

  •  In terms of speed, it literally made a few steps forward by offering new machines that are capable of high-speed printing at up to 70 pages per minute. These printers are not laser types or even associated with lasers though, yet they’re advanced enough to beat or even outperform one.

  •  The printheads are said to last until the lifetime of the machine.

  •  Aside that it can detect when the cartridge is running low or out of ink, it also comes with automatic nozzle health sensing, active and passive nozzle substitution, and automatic printhead servicing.

To simply put it, this HP PageWide technology is literally an advanced breakthrough that once again made a tremendous changed in the print industry particularly in printing technology. Who knows what might have been next, let's just cross our fingers that by the time they will surprise the industry for the nth time around, we can still witness it.


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Get True-To-Life Color Print Results With HP ColorSphere Toner Technology

Get True-To-Life Color Print Results With HP ColorSphere Toner Technology
Who wouldn't want a printout with such quality that almost brings life to a printed image on a page? Do you want detailed and vibrant colors that surely impress the crowd or perhaps your customers if you’re running a printing business? There’s actually a solution for these dilemmas, and some have already found it, while you’re still settling for some typical quality results.

If you think inkjet printers are the only ones capable of satisfying color and image printing, then that’s probably a long time ago. Laser type machines are now capable of competing with inkjets at such fair level. But how is this possible you may ask. Through the enhanced technology applied to transform toner particles into something more innovative, they were able to develop a breakthrough.

The company behind this technology is none other than Hewlett-Packard. A much superior level of color laser printing emerged from the result of more than 20 years of research and development. This holy grail is now commonly referred to as HP ColorSphere Toner and has been widely used by the company into their laser printing equipment.

According to the manufacturer:

HP ColorSphere toner has been specifically designed to deliver a 22% wider color range and up to 40% higher gloss. Printouts will have the qualities such as vivid colors, razor sharp text and images, and faster printing speed.

Compared to their previous HP laser toner products, the particles of these ColorSphere toners were improved to achieve a more consistent size and shape. The melting and fusing processes which both take place during the printing cycle are enhanced as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have the right materials here to perform a test to prove such information. However, we can give you examples of printer models that use supplies with ColorSphere technology like the HP CP2025 color toner cartridges for HP CP2025 series.

If you want to know more about this innovation, you may visit HP’sColorSphere toner page to get more in-depth information about it. We just partly give you insights about this great breakthrough to let you know that there’s an option for you to definitely get that true-to-life results you've always wanted. Are you going to use it for business, personal or photography, it’s certainly up to you. Besides, it’s considered an investment that really pays off.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Steps and Instructions on How to Replace Cartridges of an HP LaserJet Printer

If you have trouble replacing your printer’s consumables particularly those who are using laserjet from Hewlett-Packard, well then let us help you out. This post provides general steps and instructions on how to replace cartridges of an HP LaserJet printer. Please be reminded that the model of unit you’re using might be different from the others, albeit the steps are basically the same.

Let’s get started, see the list of instructions below:

Step 1. 

To access the supply particularly the cartridge inside the printer, first you have to open the front door (also referred to as front cover) of your unit. Some other models especially the old ones have their cover on top and not in the front, if that’s the case you simply lift it up to open.

Step 2.

The next step is to remove the cartridge that you need to replace. For monochrome (black&white) units the job is pretty much easier since there’s only one item to pull out. While color units on the other hand, have at least four cartridges but it’s not a bid deal though. Refer on the product’s manual to know the proper way of handling supplies since it’s not as easy as grabbing it anywhere you want.

Step 3.

Once you pull out the used cartridge inside the printer, the third step is to prepare the replacements you purchased. Such products typically come in boxes and plastic packaging. Peel off the label, tapes and seals around the cartridge, also there’s a tab that you need to pull to unlock the item.

Step 4.

To make it fully ready, hold the cartridge at each end and gently rock it side to side until you feel the toners inside the tank are evenly distributed. Just play with it for a half a minute or so, but we don’t mean use it as a toy. You can shake it in a circular motion or whatsoever as long as the lumps inside if there’s any are totally loosen.

Step 5.

For the last step, insert the replacement into its proper slot inside the printer where you removed the empty cartridge a while ago. Make sure you lock it in place – a click sound can be your hint. Then you may now close the cover and perhaps restarting the printer after it recognizes the newly installed cartridge would end the process.

To those who are used to a different way or probably were able to develop their own personal method on how to replace toner cartridges, how about you share it to us through your comments below. We would be glad to learn more ways and see which is more befitting to our choice.


Thursday, May 01, 2014

Brother’s Recommended Retailers of Replacement Supplies For Discontinued Printer Models

Brother’s Recommended Retailers of Replacement Supplies For Discontinued Printer Models
Some of us may have been aware that once a printer manufacturer discontinuous a specific model of machine due to some certain reasons, the production of its supplies will relatively diminish. We may speculate that probably users will tend to upgrade to a higher model. Thus, replacement demands for the said discontinued model will drop rapidly. But that’s just one of the possibilities that we may consider.

Whatever the reason may be, soon after a year or so, users may find it hard to get replacements for their old model printer. Eventually, this will lead to the option of dumping it out and getting a new one. That sounds similar to what we mentioned earlier, isn't it. But that’s just how it is, not unless they can still find a retailer which can provide them the supplies they need.

One advantage of Brother printer users is that when the manufacturer phased out a certain model of either an inkjet or laserjet machine, there are recommended retailers that Brother will provide. That is to compensate for the inconvenience they caused from phasing out the machine you were using.

We've tried it as well to see the name of retailers they do recommend. Using the supplies for a discontinued model such as the Brother MFC-9840CDW as our example, we've found this list of about 19 online printer supply retailers that were recommended by Brother. By the way, the product we used has a model name of Brother TN115 black toner cartridge. It’s actually a set of four replacements for the printer we chose, but it’s not necessary to check them all since one will do.

Here are the names of retailers recommended by Brother where you can get supplies for discontinued printers:

Office Depot Best Buy
Staples Costco
Quill TigerDirect
ProVantage PCM
CDW BrotherMall
Walmart TechDepot
B&H MacMall
Computers4Sure SamsClub
Rakuten CompUSA

We didn't check which one offers the lowest price since it’s not actually our intention to determine such. What we intend here is to inform you what other names you could trust from which you can also get supplies for your printer, regardless it is discontinued or not. Probably the list will change depending on the availability of the item you need, since they indicate if a particular shop still have it in stock.

Once you click a certain retailer you will be redirected to the product’s main page where you will be able to see the price, specifications and details of the item you are about to purchase. So if you are wondering which among those providers can give you a better offer, unfortunately that is something you need to find out yourself.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Factors That Affect The Service Life of A Laser Printer’s Imaging Drum Unit

There are indeed several factors that might affect the life of a printer’s drum, such as the type of document, media used, room temperature and so on. The average or estimated service life of a drum unit varies and is not definite. It may range from 10,000 to 30,000 or more depending on the level of printing it is mainly designed for.

Looking at the product’s packaging, there should be an estimated number of prints that a particular drum could deliver or produce. For example a new DR210CL drum unit can print approximately up to 15,000 pages at the least. But in fact, the actual figures may significantly vary by nearly half or less than the estimate.

Manufactures have no control over the usage of every user. Hence, factors that may diminish the actual service life of a certain drum cannot be guaranteed. At least the figures they have provided for the product details can be your basis to determine the possible amount of prints you can squeeze out of it.

Another thing is that, laser toner cartridges directly affect the condition of the drum. Notice the instances when you installed a faulty or damaged replacement. These factors can turn your imaging drum unit obsolete in the earliest and most unexpected time. Say the toners leak, wouldn’t that lead to problems that may caused issues with the drum. Same with a faulty cartridge, its corresponding drum slot should be able to easily detect it as new one. However, since it is damaged for some reason it’ll become unrecognizable. If this thing happens again and again it could also lead to serious drum unit errors that can piss you off.

The temperature where the printer is installed and also the maximum allowable operating temperature of the machine are very essential to optimize the service life of a drum. Do you know that each laser printer, no matter what brand or make, is designed to work at a certain degree that is matched with its consumables? Hence, even if you try to fit a cartridge or drum on a different model, it may surely fit in but how sure are you that it is more likely compatible for it.

If you think you already know a few about your printer, like how it works and some information about its necessary supplies. You better think again, because small details like this are very important to know yet you’re currently not aware. Taking good care of your printer’s supplies is as important as maintaining the good condition of the machine itself.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Direct Mobile Printing Between Your iOS Device and a Brother Printer

Direct Mobile Printing Between Your iOS Device and a Brother Printer
There are many apps that you may consider if you want to try printing through your iPhone, iPad or any iOS-powered devices. Some are very strict and specific which will only work for a certain printer brand manufacturer, while others are considerably generic.

In this case, we feature Brother’s iPrint&Scan app which is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Using this application lets you print any supported files or documents, even photos from your iOS mobile devices to any WiFi-enabled Brother printer over a network.

Printing via an iOS mobile device is a bit tricky, but not because the process is kind of difficult to be considered. It’s just that users will have to rely on third-party apps to get things done. As mentioned there are many of them especially developers that can help you with your mobile printing problem, however there’s a cost you need to pay for such service. Most of them are not free to download, yet the experience and technology you get are somehow on par from free downloadable apps.

See the link for the full list of compatible Brother Inkjet and Laser printers that support the iPrint&Scan app. Updates may have been released since it was introduced to the App Store and it seems that the information found in their website are recent enough. There’s even a link which redirects you to iTunes Apple Store where you can download the app.

With Brother iPrint&Scan, you can do more than just print your files, there are additional perks such as follows:

• If you’re familiar on using iTunes file sharing, you can print saved documents from your device through utilizing it.
• Clipboard print lets you print images or text in a screenshot format using an iPhone or iPad.
• Scan either via the flatbed or ADF, and then share it onto email.
• Print files up to a maximum of 10MB or at least 20 pages from Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

If you think Inkjet All-In-One printers are the ones only compatible for this app, even laser type units support the iPrint&Scan. LED-based printers won’t be left behind that in fact there are these three MFC models which are known for being similar in features. The 9130CW, 9330CDW and 9340CDW are capable of mobile printing and WiFi Direct enabled. On a side note, they share the same supplies and accessories including the TN221 toner cartridges and such. To use the app, download it first from the App Store and once done, run it and it will automatically search for devices present on your current wireless network.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Which Should You Prefer: Color LaserJet or Inkjet Printers?

Which Should You Prefer: Color LaserJet or Inkjet Printers?
Color laser printers aren't too common to use mainly for colored printing, normally we prefer inkjets as they’re probably more suitable for such purpose. However, if there’s an occasional need to print graphic or image on top of regular monochrome printing, that’s the point where we can consider having the rival of inkjet instead.

Inkjets Over LaserJets

There are downsides whichever you may choose, like for example ink types are typically slower compared to lasers. But you shouldn't look at it as either one is more advantageous than the other. Take note that both of these machines are intended for certain uses that only one of them can perform effectively. These dilemmas are just part of the few reasons why making a decision on which type of printer to choose has been a bit troublesome for others. Those who are not aware, or probably care less about such information are either a personal home user, or just in need of an urgent printer.

Indeed, printing documents with images or graphics is considerably not a forte of laser printers. That is something that inkjets are more than capable of providing the best results. But to make it fair, developers might have thought of giving the lasers their own expertise. Any office or business environment wouldn't debate on this matter that laser type printers or laserjets in general are faster and more efficient on printing text-only or documents with little to less graphic.

Factors to Consider

Engine speed is also a factor which they rival, although nowadays certain inkjet models are capable of matching their speeds over laserjets. If you know a little history about their evolution, laser types are normally faster thus increasing production and throughput in any office or business where they find their places. An inkjet printer on the other hand, is more suitable for home or personal printing due to slow printing speed and several issues. But gone are those days, since our today’s level of technology particularly in the print industry obliterated all these hindrances. Making it fair for ink and laser type printers to deserve a place on different environments, whether for personal use or not.

Cost-per-page, regardless of which type you use will always be an issue especially to users who are kind of familiar on how printer manufacturers make their businesses grow. To shed some light on the matter, it is not their printers that give them the most of their profits, but rather the supplies they sell. For example a Brother printer that uses color TN315 toner cartridges would cost around $500 more or less. But considering the recurring expense of purchasing four replacements over and over again, it will make more sense why printer nowadays are inexpensive compared before.

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