Thursday, January 09, 2014

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Four Ways To Do Brother MFC-9970CDW Toner Cartridge Reset

Four Ways To Do Brother MFC-9970CDW Toner Cartridge Reset
The process of toner resetting is usually performed when the printer’s status LCD continuously prompts a message that says “replace toner”. There are instances that even after re-installing a new replacement the error still exists. So what to do?

Basically, the machine should clear the error message once the user has installed a new cartridge to replace the empty one. However, some users may experience another problem wherein it requires resetting the toner counter just to get rid of the error notice. One good example to use is the MFC-9970CDW color laser printer. We’ve found a few users who experienced the same problem with this particular model. Hence we came up with a rundown of solutions that were mostly suggested by folks who had been through this matter and was able to solve it.

Solution 1: Stop/Exit button

This one can actually be found in the user manual that came with the machine. It will instruct you to go to the reset menu then follow the given instructions.

Solution 2: Open the front cover

Another way to toggle reset menu is by opening the machine’s front cover followed by pressing 1 from the numpad, and it will then take to the menu.

Solution 3: Drum removed and cover is open

If the printer doesn’t show up a message that says “Cover is open”, then remove the Brother DR310CL drum and turn the machine off. Wait a few seconds before turning it on (don’t install the drum yet), now it should display a prompt that indicates the front cover is open. Press 1 from the control panel and it should take you to the reset menu. Using the arrow keys highlight the toner color that you need to reset. Once you have selected the right cartridge, the machine should print a message from the status LCD that says “Accepted”.

Solution 4: Open the cover with the cartridges still installed

Similar to the above solution, this doesn’t require the cartridges to be removed from the machine. Again open the front cover, and then press the Clear button (if it doesn’t bring up the reset menu, try pressing 1 key). From the list, select each function or cartridge color one at a time by pressing the OK button. Just repeat the steps until you reset all the necessary toners. Take note that every time you reset a toner, it should display “Accepted” before you proceed with another color.

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