Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Direct Mobile Printing Between Your iOS Device and a Brother Printer

Direct Mobile Printing Between Your iOS Device and a Brother Printer
There are many apps that you may consider if you want to try printing through your iPhone, iPad or any iOS-powered devices. Some are very strict and specific which will only work for a certain printer brand manufacturer, while others are considerably generic.

In this case, we feature Brother’s iPrint&Scan app which is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Using this application lets you print any supported files or documents, even photos from your iOS mobile devices to any WiFi-enabled Brother printer over a network.

Printing via an iOS mobile device is a bit tricky, but not because the process is kind of difficult to be considered. It’s just that users will have to rely on third-party apps to get things done. As mentioned there are many of them especially developers that can help you with your mobile printing problem, however there’s a cost you need to pay for such service. Most of them are not free to download, yet the experience and technology you get are somehow on par from free downloadable apps.

See the link for the full list of compatible Brother Inkjet and Laser printers that support the iPrint&Scan app. Updates may have been released since it was introduced to the App Store and it seems that the information found in their website are recent enough. There’s even a link which redirects you to iTunes Apple Store where you can download the app.

With Brother iPrint&Scan, you can do more than just print your files, there are additional perks such as follows:

• If you’re familiar on using iTunes file sharing, you can print saved documents from your device through utilizing it.
• Clipboard print lets you print images or text in a screenshot format using an iPhone or iPad.
• Scan either via the flatbed or ADF, and then share it onto email.
• Print files up to a maximum of 10MB or at least 20 pages from Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

If you think Inkjet All-In-One printers are the ones only compatible for this app, even laser type units support the iPrint&Scan. LED-based printers won’t be left behind that in fact there are these three MFC models which are known for being similar in features. The 9130CW, 9330CDW and 9340CDW are capable of mobile printing and WiFi Direct enabled. On a side note, they share the same supplies and accessories including the TN221 toner cartridges and such. To use the app, download it first from the App Store and once done, run it and it will automatically search for devices present on your current wireless network.

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