Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Factors That Affect The Service Life of A Laser Printer’s Imaging Drum Unit

There are indeed several factors that might affect the life of a printer’s drum, such as the type of document, media used, room temperature and so on. The average or estimated service life of a drum unit varies and is not definite. It may range from 10,000 to 30,000 or more depending on the level of printing it is mainly designed for.

Looking at the product’s packaging, there should be an estimated number of prints that a particular drum could deliver or produce. For example a new DR210CL drum unit can print approximately up to 15,000 pages at the least. But in fact, the actual figures may significantly vary by nearly half or less than the estimate.

Manufactures have no control over the usage of every user. Hence, factors that may diminish the actual service life of a certain drum cannot be guaranteed. At least the figures they have provided for the product details can be your basis to determine the possible amount of prints you can squeeze out of it.

Another thing is that, laser toner cartridges directly affect the condition of the drum. Notice the instances when you installed a faulty or damaged replacement. These factors can turn your imaging drum unit obsolete in the earliest and most unexpected time. Say the toners leak, wouldn’t that lead to problems that may caused issues with the drum. Same with a faulty cartridge, its corresponding drum slot should be able to easily detect it as new one. However, since it is damaged for some reason it’ll become unrecognizable. If this thing happens again and again it could also lead to serious drum unit errors that can piss you off.

The temperature where the printer is installed and also the maximum allowable operating temperature of the machine are very essential to optimize the service life of a drum. Do you know that each laser printer, no matter what brand or make, is designed to work at a certain degree that is matched with its consumables? Hence, even if you try to fit a cartridge or drum on a different model, it may surely fit in but how sure are you that it is more likely compatible for it.

If you think you already know a few about your printer, like how it works and some information about its necessary supplies. You better think again, because small details like this are very important to know yet you’re currently not aware. Taking good care of your printer’s supplies is as important as maintaining the good condition of the machine itself.

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