Monday, April 21, 2014

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Which Should You Prefer: Color LaserJet or Inkjet Printers?

Which Should You Prefer: Color LaserJet or Inkjet Printers?
Color laser printers aren't too common to use mainly for colored printing, normally we prefer inkjets as they’re probably more suitable for such purpose. However, if there’s an occasional need to print graphic or image on top of regular monochrome printing, that’s the point where we can consider having the rival of inkjet instead.

Inkjets Over LaserJets

There are downsides whichever you may choose, like for example ink types are typically slower compared to lasers. But you shouldn't look at it as either one is more advantageous than the other. Take note that both of these machines are intended for certain uses that only one of them can perform effectively. These dilemmas are just part of the few reasons why making a decision on which type of printer to choose has been a bit troublesome for others. Those who are not aware, or probably care less about such information are either a personal home user, or just in need of an urgent printer.

Indeed, printing documents with images or graphics is considerably not a forte of laser printers. That is something that inkjets are more than capable of providing the best results. But to make it fair, developers might have thought of giving the lasers their own expertise. Any office or business environment wouldn't debate on this matter that laser type printers or laserjets in general are faster and more efficient on printing text-only or documents with little to less graphic.

Factors to Consider

Engine speed is also a factor which they rival, although nowadays certain inkjet models are capable of matching their speeds over laserjets. If you know a little history about their evolution, laser types are normally faster thus increasing production and throughput in any office or business where they find their places. An inkjet printer on the other hand, is more suitable for home or personal printing due to slow printing speed and several issues. But gone are those days, since our today’s level of technology particularly in the print industry obliterated all these hindrances. Making it fair for ink and laser type printers to deserve a place on different environments, whether for personal use or not.

Cost-per-page, regardless of which type you use will always be an issue especially to users who are kind of familiar on how printer manufacturers make their businesses grow. To shed some light on the matter, it is not their printers that give them the most of their profits, but rather the supplies they sell. For example a Brother printer that uses color TN315 toner cartridges would cost around $500 more or less. But considering the recurring expense of purchasing four replacements over and over again, it will make more sense why printer nowadays are inexpensive compared before.

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