Wednesday, May 07, 2014

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Get True-To-Life Color Print Results With HP ColorSphere Toner Technology

Get True-To-Life Color Print Results With HP ColorSphere Toner Technology
Who wouldn't want a printout with such quality that almost brings life to a printed image on a page? Do you want detailed and vibrant colors that surely impress the crowd or perhaps your customers if you’re running a printing business? There’s actually a solution for these dilemmas, and some have already found it, while you’re still settling for some typical quality results.

If you think inkjet printers are the only ones capable of satisfying color and image printing, then that’s probably a long time ago. Laser type machines are now capable of competing with inkjets at such fair level. But how is this possible you may ask. Through the enhanced technology applied to transform toner particles into something more innovative, they were able to develop a breakthrough.

The company behind this technology is none other than Hewlett-Packard. A much superior level of color laser printing emerged from the result of more than 20 years of research and development. This holy grail is now commonly referred to as HP ColorSphere Toner and has been widely used by the company into their laser printing equipment.

According to the manufacturer:

HP ColorSphere toner has been specifically designed to deliver a 22% wider color range and up to 40% higher gloss. Printouts will have the qualities such as vivid colors, razor sharp text and images, and faster printing speed.

Compared to their previous HP laser toner products, the particles of these ColorSphere toners were improved to achieve a more consistent size and shape. The melting and fusing processes which both take place during the printing cycle are enhanced as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have the right materials here to perform a test to prove such information. However, we can give you examples of printer models that use supplies with ColorSphere technology like the HP CP2025 color toner cartridges for HP CP2025 series.

If you want to know more about this innovation, you may visit HP’sColorSphere toner page to get more in-depth information about it. We just partly give you insights about this great breakthrough to let you know that there’s an option for you to definitely get that true-to-life results you've always wanted. Are you going to use it for business, personal or photography, it’s certainly up to you. Besides, it’s considered an investment that really pays off.

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