Tuesday, May 06, 2014

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Steps and Instructions on How to Replace Cartridges of an HP LaserJet Printer

If you have trouble replacing your printer’s consumables particularly those who are using laserjet from Hewlett-Packard, well then let us help you out. This post provides general steps and instructions on how to replace cartridges of an HP LaserJet printer. Please be reminded that the model of unit you’re using might be different from the others, albeit the steps are basically the same.

Let’s get started, see the list of instructions below:

Step 1. 

To access the supply particularly the cartridge inside the printer, first you have to open the front door (also referred to as front cover) of your unit. Some other models especially the old ones have their cover on top and not in the front, if that’s the case you simply lift it up to open.

Step 2.

The next step is to remove the cartridge that you need to replace. For monochrome (black&white) units the job is pretty much easier since there’s only one item to pull out. While color units on the other hand, have at least four cartridges but it’s not a bid deal though. Refer on the product’s manual to know the proper way of handling supplies since it’s not as easy as grabbing it anywhere you want.

Step 3.

Once you pull out the used cartridge inside the printer, the third step is to prepare the replacements you purchased. Such products typically come in boxes and plastic packaging. Peel off the label, tapes and seals around the cartridge, also there’s a tab that you need to pull to unlock the item.

Step 4.

To make it fully ready, hold the cartridge at each end and gently rock it side to side until you feel the toners inside the tank are evenly distributed. Just play with it for a half a minute or so, but we don’t mean use it as a toy. You can shake it in a circular motion or whatsoever as long as the lumps inside if there’s any are totally loosen.

Step 5.

For the last step, insert the replacement into its proper slot inside the printer where you removed the empty cartridge a while ago. Make sure you lock it in place – a click sound can be your hint. Then you may now close the cover and perhaps restarting the printer after it recognizes the newly installed cartridge would end the process.

To those who are used to a different way or probably were able to develop their own personal method on how to replace toner cartridges, how about you share it to us through your comments below. We would be glad to learn more ways and see which is more befitting to our choice.

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