Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Key Elements About HP’s PageWide Technology

Hewlett-Packard or simply HP has been one of the leading giants in printing technology since the day their business emerged in the industry. Back in 1998 they astounded everyone in the field of printer technology with such great development. They were able to develop a disposable print head that comes built-in into the cartridges, particularly their supplies.The value of this breakthrough is phenomenal, and truly it deserves credits. 

Key Elements About HP’s PageWide Technology
Unlike before, printer consumables have their print heads permanently installed into the cartridge itself. Thus, they tend to clog since the said component can’t be replaced resulting to output quality inconsistency. That is the just one of the few complications that the print industry had to deal with until HP developed the solution long ago.

Surprisingly, though not that much, HP once again took the position as the forefront in the development of a new breakthrough of print head design. Now widely known as PageWide technology, this totally amazing improvement first appeared in HP’s previous released of their company’s newest range of Officejet Pro X-series inkjet printers. The series includes – X451DN, X551DW, X476DN and X576DW. These four models use HP 970XL (black ink) and HP 971XL color ink cartridges as replacements.

According to the manufacturer, these are the key elements that you should know about PageWide technology:

  • A pagewide printhead has 10 HP Thermal inkjet chips called dies. Each die has 1,056 nozzles for each four colors. Thus, a single die has a total of 4,224 nozzles and 42,420 nozzles on the printhead.

  • Their newest formulated HP pigment inks particularly the black is expected to produce high-black optical density in just a single pass. While in general, inks in each cartridge can resist cross-contamination during storage, installation and printing process.

  •  In terms of speed, it literally made a few steps forward by offering new machines that are capable of high-speed printing at up to 70 pages per minute. These printers are not laser types or even associated with lasers though, yet they’re advanced enough to beat or even outperform one.

  •  The printheads are said to last until the lifetime of the machine.

  •  Aside that it can detect when the cartridge is running low or out of ink, it also comes with automatic nozzle health sensing, active and passive nozzle substitution, and automatic printhead servicing.

To simply put it, this HP PageWide technology is literally an advanced breakthrough that once again made a tremendous changed in the print industry particularly in printing technology. Who knows what might have been next, let's just cross our fingers that by the time they will surprise the industry for the nth time around, we can still witness it.

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