Thursday, May 01, 2014

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Brother’s Recommended Retailers of Replacement Supplies For Discontinued Printer Models

Brother’s Recommended Retailers of Replacement Supplies For Discontinued Printer Models
Some of us may have been aware that once a printer manufacturer discontinuous a specific model of machine due to some certain reasons, the production of its supplies will relatively diminish. We may speculate that probably users will tend to upgrade to a higher model. Thus, replacement demands for the said discontinued model will drop rapidly. But that’s just one of the possibilities that we may consider.

Whatever the reason may be, soon after a year or so, users may find it hard to get replacements for their old model printer. Eventually, this will lead to the option of dumping it out and getting a new one. That sounds similar to what we mentioned earlier, isn't it. But that’s just how it is, not unless they can still find a retailer which can provide them the supplies they need.

One advantage of Brother printer users is that when the manufacturer phased out a certain model of either an inkjet or laserjet machine, there are recommended retailers that Brother will provide. That is to compensate for the inconvenience they caused from phasing out the machine you were using.

We've tried it as well to see the name of retailers they do recommend. Using the supplies for a discontinued model such as the Brother MFC-9840CDW as our example, we've found this list of about 19 online printer supply retailers that were recommended by Brother. By the way, the product we used has a model name of Brother TN115 black toner cartridge. It’s actually a set of four replacements for the printer we chose, but it’s not necessary to check them all since one will do.

Here are the names of retailers recommended by Brother where you can get supplies for discontinued printers:

Office Depot Best Buy
Staples Costco
Quill TigerDirect
ProVantage PCM
CDW BrotherMall
Walmart TechDepot
B&H MacMall
Computers4Sure SamsClub
Rakuten CompUSA

We didn't check which one offers the lowest price since it’s not actually our intention to determine such. What we intend here is to inform you what other names you could trust from which you can also get supplies for your printer, regardless it is discontinued or not. Probably the list will change depending on the availability of the item you need, since they indicate if a particular shop still have it in stock.

Once you click a certain retailer you will be redirected to the product’s main page where you will be able to see the price, specifications and details of the item you are about to purchase. So if you are wondering which among those providers can give you a better offer, unfortunately that is something you need to find out yourself.

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